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Herb Yoga is our original method using the gifts of nature in order to improve body balance dramatically. Shisebi is inspired by Japanese Zen concept and traditional way of life.  This method is developed to add some more grace and power to your posture. Shokub is our original method for your diet, which covers not only what to eat, but also how to enjoy daily diet.
Kotodama Work is paper-writing meditation to make our life/body/soul more beautiful & powerful through communicating yourself and your surroundings. ChoCho is looking for an excellent pupil who enthusiastically wishes to learn their concepts and methods to spread their activity to Thailand for a first step to spread to the whole world. ChoCho provides scholarship with ardent students.
ChoCho is the hottest group in Bangkok. They get the enthusiastic attention from all over the world.
ChoCho is also seen in magazines in Bangkok.  This page introduces our past articles and recent press release for media person. ChoCho has their original concepts to improve the way of life for every person.
How does Herb Yoga work? Herb Yoga has three functions to heal and energize your body. We have handled herbs for Herb Yoga  with care. Tanden Breathing is an oriental method to calm  body and mind. We use this method in Herb Yoga. under construction



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We were interviewed by U-magazine, which is coolest travel and lifestyle magazine in Hong Kong. They are impressed with the our original method of Shisebi to adjust posturing and Herb Yoga.

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Bambi May

We held workshops named as "Baby & Mommy Ayurveda" in March. The scese of the workshop is introduced in magazine of BAMBI (Bangkok Mothers and Babies International) which is a community to support mothers and their families living in Bangkok. The mothers and their babies enjoyed doing ayurveda and baby yoga.

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